Types of ResourcesEdit

R2 Coins
R1 Item Ticket
US4 Skill Ticket

What are the use of Coins and how do I get more?Edit

There are 3 ways to use Fantasy Theater Coins:

1. Purchasing Item(s)

This feature will help you play the game with ease and will speed up your progress. (More information about items)

2. Unlocking a Cast Skill Level Limit

Once a character reaches a certain level, you would need to unlock it using coins to continue gaining XP for that character.

3. Purchasing Gold Gacha Audition

Purchasing this Audition will give you random items and resources such as Heart, Diamond and even Audition Tickets! You can also get a free Gold Gacha Audition Ticket every 6 hours.

Now here are the following ways to earn Fantasy Theater Coins:
Finishing the puzzle game
Mission Rewards
Login Rewards
Exchange Diamonds for Coins
Rival Ranking Rewards (Rank 1 to 3)

It's very easy to earn. Just keep on playing and get rich!

What is Item Ticket and where can I get it?Edit

Item Ticket lets you use the items that you want, for free! Since that is the only purpose of it, this type of item can be obtained through the following:


R3 Create a Poster Missions
R4 Daily Mission
R5 Limited Mission

Gold Gacha Audition

Gold Gacha Audition can be seen by tapping the Audition icon in the home screen UI. You will get 1 free chance on Gold Gacha every 6 hours.

Login Rewards


Login to collect Item Tickets!

What is Skill Ticket and where can I get it?Edit


Skill Ticket lets you increase the Skill XP of the selected Character, this type of item can be obtained through the following:

Normal Audition

R9 Normal Audition
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