Here are some tips to last longer in a game

  • Use a Time Bonus Item before the start of the game to help you with additional 10 seconds.
  • Getting a Time Bonus SP when you combine 5 figures also increases your chance on unlocking Story Feature.
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  • Always try to perform Fever Mode as many as you can to extend the game duration as it adds up 10 seconds as well.
  •  Some characters have the ability to extend and prolong your game time. Those are the ones that are easy to unlock their story modes.
  • When you're about to break your highest score at the end of the game, you will have an option to extend your gameplay by 10 seconds using Diamonds. This also contributes for the required time to unlock the story!
  • Once you have reached the Revue Stage scene while playing the game, the character's "Play" icon will be enabled.

The Story Feature is similar with the puzzle game's interface, just without the figures.

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Story Feature also has an option that would allow you to read the original story just by tapping the Book icon on the upper right.


Unlock all the stories and enjoy their Fairytale adventures!

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